Protests Continue to Spread

Read. Now.

How’s that whole Arab Spring working out for ya??? Remember how it was supposed to be Democracy beginning to grow???

As for this whole “angered by a film.” thi is a film from YouTube. Regardless of how offensive this film is; it does NOT give anyone the right to kill anyone. These extremists are using this as an excuse. These attacks were coordinated. It was no coincidence this was on September 11th. It’s disgusting. Our President needs to grow some balls and backbone and stand up and stop apologizing for our values and America.

Engaging Social Media

I totally agree that it is time for Mitt’s Team to make a targeted assault in the social media sphere. Let’s face it: Obama killed it in 2008 with social media. With everything from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other sites, Obama and his campaign had a formulated plan to reach as many people as they possibly could (this especially includes the youth vote).

I think it’s time that the Republican establishment learned from our enemies. It’s the 21st century. Time to engage in all the new technology.

Human Events has a great article on this. Make sure to check it out.